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Option to offer services (at specific times) without employee selection#100


It doesn’t matter who is offering the service in my business. It is all standardized and it would take one less step for the scheduling process. We currently use Acuity and it let us set custom calendars for different appointment types/services.

2 years ago
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Under Review
2 years ago

Our business is the same as the OP… Customers are booking/reserving court time (like Court Reserve app) on court 1, court 2, or both!

I have another request that aligns with this request to offer services (booking a space) instead of a specific person… and reducing clicks!

In my business and I would guess most businesses… customers are first and foremost considering WHAT DAY AND TIMEs are available…

This is why most other booking software presents customers with a CALENDAR first… so they can choose the day/times that work for them… then choose the service they want, after that.

I don’t suggest that this should be changed for everyone but it would be nice to allow biz owners to toggle an option to modify the flow of how customers can book a person/space/etc.

6 months ago