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"Enhancing Trafft with External Review Integration: A Leap in Reputation Management and Possible SEO Optimization"#1338

Hello, I would like to propose an expansion to the Recently Added Built-in feature within Trafft’s ‘Ratings & Reviews’ feature, aimed at enhancing the platform’s current customer feedback mechanism. At present, Trafft facilitates the gathering of ratings and reviews from past bookings, a capability somewhat limited in the context of comprehensive reputation management and Possible SEO enhancement. My suggestion is to enable a feature that grants agencies and operators the ‘toggle-option’ to re-direct these reviews to external links or reputation management software platforms. This added functionality would not only serve as a powerful tool for showcasing social proof on our own websites via embed code or on region-specific review platforms like, Google My Business, Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau, TripAdvisor, etc. but also significantly bolster our SEO efforts. Integrating this feature would possibly allow for improved visibility in search engine results through strategic keyword optimization, aligning perfectly with Trafft’s objective of offering a wide array of capabilities. This enhancement stands to elevate our reputation management process, facilitate the acquisition of client feedback directly within the Trafft platform, and enhance our overall digital footprint for SMB’s.

16 days ago