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Allow for Package Pricing (optimize Group Booking or Pricing)#1371


I like the Group Booking feature, but I am missing the option to set the system in such a way that a ‘Group’ can book a Group-Package service, meaning they are able to select the number of people joining, BUT, when ‘package-price’ option is set it will not impact the service price. In other words, the service price will not be multiplied by the number of people joining.

In our case, we have several services that are offered to teams with ONE set package price for a maximum number of participants. So, I would like to suggest a feature that allows us to offer a service as a Group package, AND have the option to indicate that the number of people should NOT have the service price multiplied, so that the service price remains a package price.

Because that option does NOT exist yet, I had to choose a workaround by adding an additional feature to the service which I called ‘Add additional participants’ and then make the cost zero.

It would be nice to have the feature, either in Group Booking, or simply in the service setting near price, where one can indicate whether price should be multiplied by number of participants or stay fixed.

15 days ago