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Coupon automation (webhooks, Pabbly)#1414


It would be great if we could automate coupon creation, coupon delivery etc based on peoples booking behaviours inside of Trafft.

Example, if a customer starts a monthly subscription via Stripe in Go High Level we’d love to be able to create a coupon that lasts for up to 1 month from the start of the current subscription/billing month and it is sent out via email or SMS to the customer who also exists in Trafft.

After the month is up the coupon expires. If the Subscription via Stripe renews (i.e. is paid) a new one is created with a 1 month expiry date, and emailed/SMS to the customer in Trafft. The cycle repeats until the customer fails to renew or pay again.

It’s essential throughout all of this that the auto-generated coupon can be completely configured as if you were manaully creating it. For example we might only want the customer to use the coupon for specific services, not share it with others and only give them 6 discounts/redemptions inside of the calendar month.

14 days ago