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Integromat/Make Integration#162

A much more affordable alternative to Zapier

3 years ago
Changed the status to
Under Review
3 years ago
Changed the title from "Integromat Integration" to "Make (Integromat) Integration"
2 years ago
Merged integration#600
2 years ago

Also MAKE is a popular software. It has features that Zapier don’t.

2 years ago

This is a good suggestion for many people. For now you can use webhooks to integrate make/integromat

2 years ago

Make is way better than Zapier and this woudl be a critical addition.

7 months ago
I integration in addition to this would be the icing on the cake.

6 months ago

Yes please to this asap - especially as is now integrated with boostspace, which combines with central data syncing alongside advanced integrations,

3 months ago

Hi guys - thanksf or all the latest updates. You guys continue to be brilliant! Is there any news on integrating It’s beenunder review for years now, but SO needed (I appreciate you’re also planning an api integration later (yay!) but hearing an update on this would be really helpful? Thanks so much.

a month ago