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Book multiple services at once#39


When booking have an option to book more than one service at a time with seperate date/times for each. This way the customer can see the total cost and pay for mutiple services at once if scheduling for something that is recurring. You already have this option under the extras tab, but not for the actual service.

This would alone, convert me to trafft, as its pretty crutial to be able to offer incentives for mutiple bookings. And for whatever reason 90% of booking apps dont have this, the ones that do dont work nearly as well and dont look as good as Trafft.

8 months ago
Changed the title from "Pick Quantity of Services" to "Book multiple services at once"
8 months ago
Changed the status to
Planned: Later
8 months ago

The option to add a discount when a select number of bookings made. Eg.. book 5 sessions in a row and recieve 10% off the whole booking

2 months ago

Having something like this would also resolve my issue for bookings that need to go past midnight if you guys allow someone to book the same service multiple times.

2 months ago

Being able to limit the number of appointments booked at one time would be helpful.

a month ago

I agree. I am a project manager and schedule our consultants for software implementations. I need to be able to schedule them sometimes for 4 - 6 consecutive weeks from 8 am - 5 pm everyday.

The goal is to send the customer a link with our open availability and let them schedule the 6 weeks that work best for them.

If Trafft offered this, I would immediately become an Enterprisse Customer. Due to this, I have to let my manager know it’s not a possible solution for us at the momment.

10 days ago