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Brokering options for helping our partners/employees/vendors lock down estimates & jobs and to market their services#62

a way allow us to broker out service providers to facilitate sub-contracting flows is highly desired! Scheduling is not easy for estimates and actual home service jobs. We turn to you the experts in scheduling… so we wonder: can we showcase our suppliers/vendors with you in new and exciting ways?

As the middleman (broker) for service providers i find myself on the phone with vendor and client to see when they can meet up for estimates/ when day 1 for home services and rentals. So, I wonder if their could be enough customization to allow for home services to be configured. Do you plan to allow the services provider (i believe that would be considered an employee, until more roles are released).. so, does the system split the commissions for the rates for the payment processor? Where vendor gets his cut and i get mine as organizer/broker/secretary/scheduling co?

Ideally, when a client asks for services, we can link them to the ideal landingpage for that category they are interested in and can view the solutions there.. and then they can request a time to meet with vendor OR simply, get a quote. RFP.
Essentially becomes a marketplace for our vendors/suppliers.

I think there could be many “employees” (partners) so would require structure to that as I understand user roles are coming.

We could focus on a few categories per home services and rentals and i think that would be exciting because for the rentals - which should prove exciting as per logisitical flows can be challenging for those who are ready for a new level of difficulty when making schedules.

The first step would be to be able to get more users in “supplier/vendor” roles as they are in a way employees but they are not because they are independent companies. But, are part of a larger community or marketplace.

Hope that makes sense! :)

2 years ago
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