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pricing for Services/meeting cost for Booking - customizations for advanced employee/vendor price sheets#64

Perhaps a way to offer multiple rates would be so helpful for when lead is considering making a booking.

  1. Booking a Service is when the lead has been won
  2. Booking an Estimate is when the lead is still a prospect and needs a consult

This applies to Home Services.

What we are dealing with is 2 fold: we want to get the prospective lead to book a time for estimate and we also what to give them an idea of the rates ahead of time too. So we need more ways to list rates or daily rates to give them an idea.

So it seems the Booking website is able to list those things and am wondering if another category of website to list services would be a good compliment? Or to keep everything in the one site..

The simple fix is to allow the employee/vendor a way to offer quotes for free (phone call, text, meeting, by listing some “ball-park” rates) as well as a way to list more detailed pricing with custom forms.

It is one of thoe things: do we list in detail or just give them an idea of what things cost.

We can let then decide. We just need to modify existing forms to let them showcase as they see fit.

So my request is to allow deep customization for getting quotes (estimates and services) - i think they can be monetized for Home Services individually in powerful and unique ways. RFP/RFQ flows. And once they are ready to buy the service after the meeting, the vendor can modify they Booking cost too.

(In my field, trucking services, we can collect the full amount in advance - or same day at the end of the day).

At the end of the day, everything is a booking/rental for getting the quote and then locking it in with the price per machine/truck usually configured on a daily basis - unless customized per occurence per client.

In a nutshell: the vendor who offers tractor services/trucking home services can have i think 2 modes for showcasing prices.

  1. a)Free estimates -
    b) Paid estimates
    and once they get past that setup step, when ready to commit,

  2. a) Pricing simplified - lists their “daily rates” and “flat rates”
    eg. truck of dirt = $330/load including dump fee
    b) Pricing advanced/custom - custom forms for more details ways to list rates and upsells.
    eg. One excavator for one day $1200/day (8H)
    eg. Option to add labor: $300/day per guy (8H)
    eg. Option to add hydraulic breaker $200./day

I think it would be very good to allow a glimpse of vendor’s availabilty too perhaps waay beforehand…

2 years ago
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2 years ago