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Random Slot Removal for "Look Busy" Option#845


The purpose of “look busy” is to convey to customers that you are getting other bookings in an organic manner, and are not free all the time.

Currently, the “look busy” option can only be adjusted to remove slots later in the day or earlier in the day. This defeats the purpose of “look busy” because it actually just makes you look free early in the day or late in the day.

In order for “look busy” to fulfil its purpose, random slots need to be removed throughout the day. For example, if you have 11:00am to 4:00pm open every day, different time slots each day within this time frame should be removed so that a customer is not able to see that you always have a huge block of time open.

As a bonus, it would be good to also set some sort of timeframe for when random slots are refreshed, so if a customer comes back 4 hours later, for example, the open and removed slots should be different.

5 months ago

Agreed. Just tried this new option and ended up having too many in the morning because look busy removed evenings all together.

5 months ago
Changed the status to
Under Review
4 months ago

Personally I like the current functionallity it suits my work style, and I did not request it, I just like the way they implemented it.

Random availability while desirable, as described above may cause the appearance of a high cancellation rate, as a previously unavailable time is now available. and a previously available time is now gone. In a situation where someone is planning ahead and looking to see what is potentially available to co-ordinate a group, this may cause disappoinment (frustration) when they come back to book and the timeslot is unavailable.

In my situation to make ours a bit more random, I block time in our integrated employee calendar for “offline” work, docmentation, client follow-ups, technical report creation, internal meetings, 1-on1 mentoring etc.

I hope this was helpful.

3 months ago