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Add custom payment link#88

Many payment gateways (of national banks) have the characteristic of generating payment links for individual services, very useful for freelancers. This would allow me to connect my national gateway (wompi, El Salvador) to receive payments directly to my bank account.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
Planned: Later
2 years ago

What a thrill to see this message 🤗 greetings 🇸🇻

2 years ago

This is definitely needed.

a year ago

Include the ability to add links, images & QR Codes to a Custom Payment Option. OR the ability to edit the On-Site Payment Option to be customized to ad/inclde images & links.

a year ago

yes, payment link and QR code (for ewallet)

10 months ago

I added a customer manually to an appointment and want to send him a (mollie) payment link, please make that possible

8 months ago

Yes PLEASE, as many webshops offer: Payment in advance after receiving invoice, directly to bank account!
Would be really helpful.

8 months ago

a year ago, zzz

7 months ago

It would be fantastic if Venmo, Cash App & Zelle could be integrated somehow.

5 months ago

The fastest solution is to let us have the Parameters (with GET/POST) attached to your Redirect-URL.. this is how SpreadSimple does it.. since your webhook is functional, we can handle it from hereon..

2 months ago